Consulting Contract with “Hunnewell Partners (BVI) Limited 

On August 30, 2016 was signed a contract for consulting services with the company "Hunnewell Partners (BVI) Limited" (Tortola, British Virgin Islands).

The project was completed in October 2016.

Subject of the contract was collection and preparation of data related to various services regarding geological assistance for the study and development of a kaolin mine, located near the village of Jvarisa and Gurna in Western Georgia.

During this contract the following works were carried out:

  • Beforehand was eliminate all the vegetation widely present in this area, and prepared all the information which relates to this deposits;
  • There was granted special equipment (The excavator with an arm, available to dig 5-6 m underground) for the construction of trenches;
  • There was organized a prospecting works to have a better view of the different levels of clays present in the area and to collect more representative samples for having a more clear evidence of the different clay quality present in the area; 
  • There was ensured the presence of two senior geologists on the field during the excavation of trenches. Of the two geologists one was from Georgia (GSP) and the other expert was specially invited from Italy (ceramin expert);
  • All collected samples was analyzed in specialized Italian laboratories. Laboratory tests was done to understand the real quality of the different clays recognized in the Jvarisa and Gurna deposits;
 The following tests were conducted:
  • Chemical (silicate + L.O.I. at 1050 °C) tests and determination of organic matter;
  • Residue > 63 µm;
  • XRD mineralogical analysis;
  • MOR after drying;
  • Firing tests on pressed samples on laboratory electrical muffle kiln at 1160°C and at 1190°C.

  The results about consulting activities was reviewed and approved by the customer.