Reinforced Earth® is a composite material formed by the association of a frictional soil and reinforcing strips. Stresses produced within the soil mass are resisted by the strips. The stresses are transferred to the strips by friction. In concept, it is like concrete: that is an economical means of improving the mechanical properties of a basic material, earth, by reinforcing that material with another, steel. Precast concrete facing panels are used at the face of the reinforced volume to prevent erosion of the backfill and to provide an attractive finished appearance.


Reinforced Earth® structures are built by using the following main elements; leveling pad, precast concrete panels, special galvanized steel strips, granular backfill and some other inserts such as galvanized tie strip, galvanized bolts & nuts, EPDM pads and joint foam.


Construction Phases
  • Pre-casting in special moulds and stockpiling of panels in accordance with the project requirement
  • The leveling pad is formed at the level as required in project drawings
  • Granular backfill is placed and compacted in 37,5 cm thick layers
  • Erection of first row of panels, then steel strips are placed and connected to the panels by bolts & nuts
  • The above phases are repeated in the next backfilling process
 Reinforced Earth® Brochure