The GeoMega™ MSE retaining walls are coherent gravity structures engineered to resist specific loading requirements. The primary components of a GeoMega wall consist of alternating layers of granular backfill, and high-tenacity polyester based soil reinforcement or “geostrap” to which a modular precast concrete facing is attached.

The patented mechanical connection between the facing panels and the soil reinforcements consists of a loop shaped like the Greek letter Ω, which is partially cast into the precast concrete facing panel. This system works in conjunction with the entire range of concrete facing panels typically supplied by The Reinforced Earth Company. The geostrap is threaded through the GeoMega loop, and can be fitted to the facing panels by labor on the jobsite. The GeoMega system allows MSE retaining structures to be constructed in chemically aggressive environments such as sea water and corrosive backfilling materials. The Omega strip is recommended for use in soil environments characterized by a PH in the range of 3 to 9, with no detrimental effect on the strip due to low resistivity backfill, or from backfills with high chloride or sulfate content. As is the case with other Reinforced Earth Company wall systems, installation is rapid and predictable. Benefits include: 

  • A line of maximum tension and earth pressure coefficients similar to that for MSE walls reinforced with steel reinforcements
  • High resistance to chemical and biological degradation
  • A reliable high strength connection of the reinforcements to the facing
  • Documentation of long-term reinforcement strength at various temperatures
  • Superior appearance since the facing is highly suited for architectural finishes


 GeoMega™ brochure