Reinforced Earth® MSE wall and Techspan® arch solutions are ideally suited for many industrial applications due to their inherent capabilities to withstand heavy loadings, vibrations, impact, explosions, flooding, and fire. Within the mining industry Reinforced Earth MSE retaining walls and Techspan arches are used for storing minerals, supporting vehicles or machinery in mineral process operations, and for serving other purposes in support of mining transportation, processing and utilization.

Live storage facilities incorporating the use of sloping Reinforced Earth sidewalls and can be either “V” shaped high capacity slots or eight-sided conical structures which protect minerals from weather and facilitate rapid loadout. Techspan arches can be utilized for reclaim tunnels which are capable of being designed to accommodate feeder saddles by use of truncated arch units. Other uses for Reinforced Earth MSE structures in mineral processing facilities include headwalls for crusher and screening plants, truck dumps and dams.


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