Mr. Irakli Kalandarishvili

He was born in Tbilisi in1950
In 1974, he graduated the Faculty of Geology and Geography of Tbilisi State University as a geologic engineer.
1974-1977 he worked at the Department of Geology (Senior technician-geologist of the Poladauri geological party, Bolnisi Region, South Georgia).
1977-1979 he worked in the Alexander Tvalchrelidze Caucasian Institute of Mineral Resources (Geologist, geological-petrographical party of the  geological-methodical expedition).
1979-1992 he worked  at the State Geological Department of Georgia (Senior geologist, metallogenic party). Since 1982 hi is a chief of this metallogenic party.
In 1992-1996 he worked in Moscow. He was Director of the "Orient Express" Company, then General Director of the Joint-Stock Company "New League".
In 1996-2003 he was a Vice-President of the "Gea Express" Company, expert of the  "Royal Gold" mining company and Executive Director of the non-governmental union "Resources of Georgia and Sustainable Development".
In 2003-2005 Mr. Kalandrishvili was the Director of State Fund of the Information on the Mineral Resources of Georgia and a consultant of the "Cordillera-2" mining Company
In 2005-2006 he worked as consultant and project manager of the international mining company "EMED".
Since 2007 Mr. Irakli Kalandarishvili is a Director of the GSP Ltd, which was founded together with partners.
There are a number of published and unpublished works by Mr. Kalandarishvili