TechSpan®, (HKS®) is a precast arch system with 3 hinges.


 The main elements:

  •  Foundation system
  •  Precast reinforced concrete arches
  •  Crown beam

Applications of TrchSpan® System
  • Short to medium span highway and railway bridges
  • Access tunnels and underpasses
  • Road culverts
  • Water culverts

 Advantages of TechSpan® system

  • Tensile stresses are minimized and arch shape is optimized by utilizing sophisticated design methods
  • Economical use of concrete and steel bars result in lower costs
  • Precast arches provide quality control and rapid construction compared to conventional systems
  • No scaffolding or bracing during the erection
  • These advantages have allowed the successful completion of more than 600 TechSpan® projects worldwide since 1985
TechSpan® Brochure