The GeoTrel® (TerraTrel®) technology is used to construct temporary or permanent retaining walls for steep slopes or vertical walls which can be adapted to look more natural in the environment.


The GeoTrel® walls are constructed in a very similar way of Reinforced Earth® except they use steel mesh cladding panels.

The main elements of the system are the backfill. The reinforcing elements are plastic strips (for GeoTrel®) and galvanized steel strips (for TerraTrel®) which are placed horizontally in the soil block to withstand horizontal soil pressure in order to maintain a stable body. The cladding is backed by rock material which in turn is backed by a geofabric. A green surface may be provided by hydro seeding method.


 Advantages of the system:

  • High quality
  •  No need for a truck crane, manual workman
  •  Can be built on poor foundations
  •  Saves time
  • Saves money